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Glendale’s Great White Hut is a little treasure serving big, delicious and inexpensive dishes Posted by Evelyn Garcia | Sep 5, 2019 | 2  |      While most people were relaxing by the pool, lounging on the beach, jetting off on holiday getaways and soaking up the last bit of summer over the long Labor Day weekend, I was cooling my heels […]

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Glendale’s Old Burger Stand Fights for Relevance in the Instagram Age How The Great White Hut competes for customers after 70 years by Farley Elliott May 4, 2017, 2:30pm PDT TWEET SHARE PIN It is no small thing for a restaurant to remain relevant these days. Los Angeles is a glutton for culinary concepts, from […]


LA TIMES   Verdugo Views: The Hut was a locus of ‘family’ downtown A view from just above Wilson looking north towards California, circa 1970. (Courtesy of the Glendale Public Library) Katherine Yamada Paul Baldwin learned to prepare large quantities of food in the Navy, and he was always in charge at family gatherings and […]