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Our Most Popular Items

Here are some of our popular items based on customer reviews and likes.

Double Cheese Burger w/ Egg

We start off with two 100% all beef patties adding seasoning and salt. As the meat cooks we toast our perfect burger buns on both sides. A flip of the meat to cook the other side so we can prepare the toasted buns with Thousand Island sauce made in house. Add sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles. add a slice of cheese to each beef patty to melt. Crack an egg on the griddle and cook sunny side up. Finally assemble a perfectly cooked burger and serve to a hungry customer. It’s not science, just perfection.


Best Seller

Mega Asada Fries

We start with a basket of 3/8″ cut golden potatoes in a fryer cooked until golden brown. Tossed with seasoning, salt, and ready in a serving container. A helping of fresh cooked beans, generous serving of your choice of carne asada beef or chicken, and a drizzle of hot melted nacho cheese. We add fresh made pico de gallo on top. Everything gets covered with our fantastic Avocado Cream sauce and choice of mild or spicy sauce and a scoop of guacamole.  That’s how you satisfy another hungry customer.


Best Seller

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