Our Story

A group of friends embarked on a journey to Europe and stumbled upon a remarkable discovery: the most delicious fries they had ever tasted. Inspired by the flavors and techniques they encountered, they were determined to bring this culinary delight back home. Initially, they began by catering Fritas Fries for private events, but their passion soon led them to acquire a renowned fast food establishment known as The Great White Hut.

Embracing American and Mexican cuisines, The Great White Hut has become a beloved dining destination for locals. Alongside their menu of dishes from both cultures, they proudly introduced their signature loaded Fritas Fries.

The community enthusiastically embraced their offerings, propelling their growth and inspiring the opening of multiple locations.
With a commitment to quality, The Great White Hut adheres to a simple yet powerful motto: “Great Food, Made Fresh, Everyday.”



Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Glendale. This gem has been a staple of Jewel City for over 70 years!



Located in the beautiful mountains of Sunland Tujunga. This location serves a wide range of local craft beer and a few extra additional menu options.


GLENDALE (GCC on campus)

Located inside Glendale City College in San Gabriel Plaza.  This location is a crowd pleaser for students and faculty. 


North Hollywood (noho)

Our lates and greater just opened in the heart of NoHo district. With inside and outside patio sitting area this location sure became a town favorite real fast.